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3Rs is for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
H3Rs program helps hotels and the communities reduce their wastage and cost by means of donations the do-good organisations and their members to create measurable and lasting positive impact.

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For hotels and do-good organisations to create a meaningful waste reduction story


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    Donate items to those who need it the most.

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    Enhance Sustainability initiatives

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    Reduce operational costs.

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    Show measurable impact.

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    Contribute to a waste-less planet.

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    Obtain quality and useful items.

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    Help people and organisations in need.

  • reduce cost

    Reduce operational costs.

  • positive impact

    Show positive impact.

  • wasteless planet

    Contribute to a waste-less planet.


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    Just a note to tell you how much we appreciated the help from you and your team, for providing us with this super-efficient and effective platform to donate our items.

    Through Papayapaths H3Rs Giveaways Program, we can now donate our items to benefit the less privileged and contribute something meaningful for the society. It was truly heartwarming to see our items such as tables, ceiling lamps, printers can now be given a new lease of life and to better the life of needy!

    It is a real pleasure working with such a helpful and committed team. Kudos to H3Rs Giveaways Program!!


    Pierre-Etienne De Montgrand

    General Manager, Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen

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    Papayapaths H3Rs Giveaways Program is a wonderful initiative, one that will benefit many of our clients as well as the clients of other charities that I also try to support. Already, the TV that you have donated has gone to our neighbour, Beyond Social Services for one of their clients, a low income family. I’m sure they will enjoy it tremendously, especially the kids. When we make life a little bit less stressful for them, we make them a little bit more hopeful of a better future. Thank you for making this possible.

    What’s also great about Papayapaths is that you & your sponsors are setting the good example of not wasting perfectly usable goods which can be of great benefit especially to someone in a less privileged position. By sharing what the hotels no longer need, you have allowed many others to benefit. This is not only a good thing that you are doing … it is the right thing to do. Every little bit helps to conserve our environment and protect our planet and we need more organisations to not only think this way but also to act in this way.

    I wish Papayapaths lots of success and look forward in supporting you in ways that we can. All the very best!


    Tony Tan

    Volunteer at babes.org.sg

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    Thank you for the linking us up with the donor so quickly. We were able to arrange for collection and have already put the items to good use.

    This is such a handy platform for VWO’s, as we are from time to time looking out for donations, not only for our use, also for the residents of the shelter, for when they are starting their lives over in a new home. Allowing us to post a “donations wanted” on this platform would probably be a good idea as it then allows the hotels to connect directly with the VWO.

    Once again, thank you for your kind assistance. It is very much appreciated.


    Selina Gan

    General Manager SCWO

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